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Video-conferencing is the way of the future, enabling personal and work calls to be facilitated over an internet connection that supports both audio and video. Zoom is widely popular because it offers users a variety of high quality features — even to free users. To learn about all the Zoom features, what plans they belong to, and what they can be used for, find the features based on the sections below.

We address new Zoom features and indicate Zoom free features by stating whether each feature is free or paid and which plan it belongs to. We cover the available pricing plans and subscriptions in another post to outline what is included in each. In this section, we highlight the main Zoom features available for meetings and using the app in general. Many of these are available with a Basic plan, which is free to create. These features are great for teams within a business and or for those making personal calls.

If you are struggling to get a stable connection, you can lower the picture quality, but most high-speed internet connections will be able to stream high-quality video. Zoom is primarily a video-conferencing app. While you do not have to share your video feed, participants can share their video. Zoom will require permission to use your computer or device camera, and will then use the camera to display video for other participants on the call.

While Zoom is primarily featured as a video-conferencing tool, with many video-related features and enhancements, it can be used for audio-only conferencing as well.

Simply turn video off when joining a meeting, and use the app as you would, without sharing video. You can also use your phone and participate in Zoom meetings. See more about this under Call In. Zoom video-conferencing can be done using the desktop client, the mobile app, and the browser client. All versions support cross-platform communication, from video, to audio, to instant messaging.

App versions will automatically sync so you can access your meetings no matter how you sign in to Zoom. The Zoom application desktop, mobile, and browser is password protected. Beyond this, Personal Meeting Rooms are all password protected. Individual meetings can have passwords required, adding another level of security to your meetings.

As of the May update, in an effort to increase security, individual Zoom meetings are now all password-protected and require a password to enter. As part of their security upgrades in May of , Zoom is working to provide end-to-end encryption E2EE as an option that can be enabled and disabled.

Some communication systems will function better with this encryption disabled, but all Zoom meetings and services will have end-to-end encryption available. Zoom comes with built-in scheduling within the app, allowing you to schedule meetings and send out invitations from Zoom. You can then access, edit, and otherwise manage scheduled meetings within any version of the client or app.

You can set permissions to let other people schedule meetings on your behalf as well, which is ideally suited for organizations. By default, you can use Google Calendar and Outlook , which many people use for both personal and business applications.

You can add a meeting to your calendar when scheduling the meeting, making it extremely easy and convenient to do. With the Waiting Room feature enabled on your meeting, participants that attempt to join your meeting will be funneled into a waiting room. The host can then admit participants one at a time or all together once they are ready, or once they have screened the attendees. You can also set the waiting room up to admit attendees automatically depending on their domain, so that people from your organization — for example — can bypass the waiting room.

With a Basic free plan, users gain access to a Personal Meeting Room — a virtual meeting room with a permanent meeting ID that is reserved for your use. The Personal Meeting Room is ideally suited for meetings with people you trust, or whom you have meetings with frequently or sporadically. This makes it easy for people to join your meeting and join a call with you, where they know to find you. It saves participants the hassle of having to find the meeting invite to join a call with you.

This is great for setting a memorable meeting ID that you will be able to remember when trying to share it with attendees. Meetings can be recorded locally to your computer. To share these files with others, you can upload files to a file storage service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or any alternative. The host has the ability to record meetings and can restrict or extend these permissions to participants of the meeting and other Zoom users.

Local recordings are not supported on Android and iOS. To access recordings and record via a mobile device, you will need to have a paid account with cloud recording capabilities. As the host, you can change in-meeting permissions as well, enabling or disabling participants from sharing their screen, using chat, renaming themselves, and unmuting themselves.

Permissions can also be changed for each user role under Role Privilege Settings. You can change which controls each user role has access to and the privileges they have in their role.

With the mobile app installed on your mobile device, you will be able to turn on meeting reminders. These notifications will alert you when a meeting is close to starting. How long before the meeting the reminder occurs can be changed to customize your meeting notifications.

Start, join, and participate in calls while in a car using your mobile device with Safe Driving Mode. Zoom meetings can also easily be joined using Apple CarPlay, allowing you to conveniently use your iPhone while in transit. The Touch Up My Appearance feature can be used to automatically retouch your video display with a soft focus.

This helps smooth out the skin tone of your face and provides a more polished look while on video. Simply enable this setting and it will automatically work when the meeting runs. You can customize the appearance of the Zoom app on your device, choosing between a light and dark sidebar. This gives you the aesthetic you want for the app, which makes it more comfortable for you to use.

The Virtual Background feature lets meeting participants choose an image or video to use as their video background. You can use this to block out a cluttered, unorganized, and otherwise unprofessional background or make a creative, interesting, or funny background that sparks conversation.

This feature works best when the person sharing their video uses a green screen, but the app will attempt to do this for you automatically. You should also crop the image or video you use to be the same aspect ratio as your camera, so it looks best.

The Attention Indicator was removed as of April 2, in an effort to improve security and privacy for customers. This is ideal for administrative matters as well as collaborating more effectively. Although Zoom is primarily a video-conferencing app that facilitates video and audio calling, Zoom Chat provides users with an instant messaging service they can use with their Zoom contacts.

Chat is available both in and out of meetings to give users non-verbal ways of communicating. Zoom Chat lets you use their instant messaging within the app desktop, mobile, and browser versions and in-meetings. Chat with other Zoom users and meeting participants. This can be used effectively during meetings for participants to communicate without interrupting the presenter.

Zoom Chat can also be used for instant messaging outside of calls. Teams can use this for efficient communication that can easily be logged. This is a great way to share instructions with other team members, as they can refer back to your request. In-meeting file transfer lets you send files to other meeting participants during the meeting using the meeting chat.

Easily share files during the meeting using this feature, making accessing files for collaboration extremely convenient. You can also send files via chat directly to a single user or a group.

This needs to be enabled at the account level, and controls can also be put in place that restrict the types of files that can be shared. The Channels feature within Zoom lets you create groups of contacts that can be public or private. It can be used to quickly join an instant meeting with those invitees. It can also be used through Zoom Chat to easily, quickly, and conveniently chat with a group you communicate with regularly.

Send group chats, files, images, and screen captures to the entire channel. Public channels can have a maximum of 10, members. On a free account, a private channel can have a maximum of members. With a paid account, a private channel can have a maximum of 5, members. Audio-conferencing is extremely easy, even if other users are on a video meeting.

You can call in to regular Zoom meetings and automatically call out to phone lines when a meeting starts. These Zoom features are all related to accessing meetings via a phone.

Participants can call in to join a Zoom meeting using teleconferencing or audio conferencing with a regular phone. Some countries have available toll free numbers. Check with your plan to see available toll-free numbers for call in. Add an audio conferencing plan to your Zoom plan to get access to toll-free numbers, fee-based toll numbers, call-out numbers, and dedicated dial-in numbers.

This makes it easy to have participants call in on the go, when they may not have access to their computer or a stable internet connection. Essentially, participants can join a meeting using a telephone, at no cost other than what the add-on is for the plan. While in a meeting, Zoom can call out to either yourself or other participants. Meetings can even be set up to automatically call out to a number when the meeting starts.

This is a great feature to use for participants that frequently use their phone to join in on calls or who know they will be out of the office when they need to hop on the call.

You can use this to call out to international phone numbers as well. With Zoom Phone, users can leave voicemail messages up to 5 minutes long. You can then play, delete, and save messages that have been left by callers. Messages can be saved for 12 months. Voicemails will automatically sync between desktop and mobile versions, so you can access voicemails however is most convenient.

Users within the same organization can also share their voicemail inbox with other users.



What type of communication is zoom application – none:

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