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Faculty and staff can have recordings saved on the cloud for a desired amount of time. To learn more about cloud and local recording, visit this support article. Supervised account creation Students under 16 will not create a Zoom account. Mass deployment options As the account administrator, you can use mass deployment with preconfigured settings to roll out the Zoom desktop client across your organization.

Want an in-depth look at account configuration? Download the guide. Disable private and in-meeting chat to prevent distractions for students during a lesson.

Require a meeting passcode so only those who were invited to the meeting and have the passcode can join. Integrations Does your school already have a learning management system LMS?

If you would like users on your account to be able to install LTI Pro, enable the Pre-approve toggle. Next, confirm the permissions the app requires and click Authorize. Setting up teachers for success. Here are a few other resources you can share: Live Training: Zoom Meeting Basic Teachers, staff, and students can spend 45 minutes learning the basics of Zoom Meetings with one of our Zoom experts. This minute tour of Zoom Meetings will take them beyond the basics. Spend some time learning about the power of virtual teaching in the Zoom classroom.

We will show you steps and best practices from two points of view: the student joining and participating in the class , and teacher scheduling, joining, hosting, and in-meeting tools. Zoom Academy Zoom Academy for Education is a virtual professional development event that brings together thought leaders and practitioners to discuss and learn about how to successfully conduct remote, in-person, or blended learning experiences.

Training tips Use these ideas to help train teachers and staff on the basics of using Zoom for education. Provide information in a variety of formats. Tailor information to different audiences so faculty, staff, parents, and students can learn in ways that work best for them. Identify educators who are Zoom evangelists or power users. Ask them to meet with other teachers one on one, in small groups, or even hold training sessions of their own, depending on their level of comfort and engagement.

Ask school leaders to help you surface Zoom innovators in your school or district — teachers who are using Zoom in cool and unique ways. Spotlight their work and positive outcomes in newsletters, staff communications, social media, and even in the press.

Use Zoom Chat to create channels where teachers can share their own tips and best practices with each other; post cool and interesting stories; ask questions and connect. Post weekly tips in Zoom Chat so your school community is always learning about new ways to use Zoom. Share interesting Zoom blogs and newsletters with your educational community.

Zoom will make it easy to: Seamlessly schedule and start class sessions through integration with [name of LMS]. Plus, students can access Zoom via [LMS] to join class quickly and easily.

Secure your meetings and classes. Stay connected with colleagues and staff on Zoom Chat. Enhance student engagement with features like screen sharing, whiteboard, polls, Breakout Rooms, and more. Serve the needs of students by offering remote and hybrid options for learning, accessibility features, and more. Getting the most out of Zoom. Use Zoom Meetings so staff can actively participate in the discussion, or Zoom Webinars for school- or district-wide broadcasts and announcements.

Create Zoom Chat channels by department, school, or grade level for faculty and staff to communicate quickly and efficiently. Hold virtual or hybrid assemblies to share the latest news and information to students, without having to gather everyone into the same room.

Zoom Webinars helps you reach large groups while minimizing distraction from attendees. See how Archer School engages its educational community with virtual graduation, fundraising events, and more. IT support Have your IT team set up an open Zoom Meeting as a virtual Help Desk so teachers, staff, and parents can drop in for assistance during office hours. As people join the meeting, they can split into Breakout Rooms with an IT staff member for distraction-free, one-on-one help.

Use the share screen and remote control features to troubleshoot IT issues virtually. If needed, IT staff can request remote control and have the user grant permission to control their mouse and keyboard. Counseling services Improve access to mental health or academic support for those who need it by giving students the option to meet with school counselors virtually.

College and career counselors can hold virtual open office hours, or bring in virtual speakers from higher education institutions and companies to engage with students. Professional development Make professional development more accessible to educators by providing virtual and hybrid learning opportunities, cutting down on time and costs of travel. Engage educational thought leaders from different regions or countries to share knowledge and best practices with your teachers.

The Education Support Centres of Ireland reached thousands of educators by using Zoom Webinars for professional development. Parent meetings Provide options for parents to conduct parent-teacher conferences virtually or in person, depending on preference.

Learn more Visit our Zoom Education Community to connect with educational experts and teachers from around the world. Join Our Community. Explore products and tools for seamless collaboration across office and home working spaces. Discover hybrid solutions. Discover new ways to use Zoom solutions to power your modern workforce.

Network with other Zoom users, and share your own product and industry insights. Get documentation on deploying, managing, and using the Zoom platform. What’s New at Zoom? Join our upcoming webinar to get a first-hand look into some of our exciting new product and feature releases. If someone can please point me to where I need to look for more info on how to do this: There is one person that is the owner of 1 license account.

He needs to add me as an admin on the account so that I am taking care of scheduling meetings, recording the meetings, and any problems during the zoom meetings taking place. My account is already associated with the owner account. However, when I login with my username it is defaulting to my basic 40 minute zoom meeting limit. Do ALL meetings need to be scheduled off of the owner’s account, even if I’m an admin on that account and if that is the case, am I able to do the full admin of the meeting when it is taking place??

I’m sure this is a common issue and there is a way to properly do it, I just need to know where to look for the information on it. Thanks very much. Roles such as owner and admin are different from licensing. This means that you can designate a Basic user as an owner or administrator. If you are an admin, you can manage your meetings. For example, you can check the status of the meeting in the dashboard or join as a co-organizer to support the meeting. Even if you are an administrator, if your license is Basic, there are some restrictions such as a minute time limit when you hold a meeting.

Thanks for the reply, let me clarify more I’ve added myself onto the account as person B, with admin role. I want person B to be able to initiate and schedule the meetings, as well as do the admin while the meeting is taking place recordings, chat, waiting room, etc. When I try to do this as person B, who has just a basic i.

Trying to figure out how I go about doing this without person B ALSO having to have another license, since we’re only using 1 license in the first place.

Hopefully, this clarifies and any suggestions are very welcome as we have to get this setup correct next week for a group :!



How to login as administrator in zoom – none:. Connect tools & automate tasks

Connect your account · Search for and select Zoom to open a direct message with the app. · Click Authorize Zoom. · Sign in to your Zoom account. · Click Authorize. Added: Ability to enable Zoom Meetings menu on Dashboard by User Role/Capability selected in Settings -> Configuration -> Meeting Host By WP. As an Administrator, you have access to and control of just about all (or none at all) for auto-publishing of recurring scheduled Zoom.


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