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If Participants wish to join later, a few minutes can be added, 10 minutes can be added, 15 minutes can be added, and then everyone can join anytime they wish. Click Schedule. You can log in to the Zoom app using your mobile device.

Tap Schedule. Tap Advanced Options. Tap Scheduling Privilege. Identify the user who will be attending the meeting and tap his or her name. Meeting settings can be adjusted if necessary. If you want to schedule another time, tap Done.

Guests who host before meeting may change their hosts, but a paid account is required to do so. The host can make other people host the network if he or she wishes, but co-host privileges are hard to obtain. As well as assigning users or transferring users to your account in order to schedule meetings, you should have this privilege available to you if you are an executive admin. Schedule meetings based on the privilege assigned by a user. Opening Hours : Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm. By clicking Participants from the meeting control, you can edit the agenda.

Click Make Co-Host. Click on the Zoom Desktop Client icon. There are some limits on the amount of accounts an alternative host can have. For instance, individuals from other institutions cannot be assigned as alternative hosts. Opening Hours : Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm. A Zoom window will appear below Participants in the meeting controls. You can check the box to choose whether you want to have a co- host by using the name from which you will select. Click Make Co-Host.

Open Zoom. Click Meetings. A meeting will be added as edited next to it. Click Advanced Options. You can add an alternative host using the email address provided by that alternative host. Click Save.



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