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Use Action Urgent Care for all your COVID test needs and get tested at home, in a clinic, or with a mail-in test kit. Results can be used for work. ONLINE CHECK-IN · URGENT CARE/ COVID TESTING · CENTRAL POINT · SOUTH MEDFORD · GRANTS PASS · ASHLAND · NORTH MEDFORD · COVID TRAVEL TESTING.

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What should I do next? How do I follow-up with my ZoomCare provider? I can’t find an available Mental Health visit. What can I do? How do I get my medication refilled? What medications does ZoomCare prescribe for Mental Health treatment? Does ZoomCare prescribe benzodiazepines? Can ZoomCare help me? Where will I get my labs, tests, and x-rays done? What if I have an Emergency? Where will you send me? How can I get a doctors note about my recent ZoomCare Visit?

Do you prescribe service animals? Do you prescribe medical marijuana? Do you prescribe controlled substances, opioids, narcotics? Can you treat chronic pain? Where do I go to get my wart removed? Can you take care of that? Can I get travel vaccinations at ZoomCare? Can I get vaccinations at ZoomCare? How do I get my vaccination records? Can I get a flu shot at ZoomCare? How do labs and tests work at ZoomCare? Do you treat kids and minors? What can I expect during my Annual Wellness Visit?

Does ZoomCare offer children’s wellness visits? I need birth control. Where should I schedule? Do you do drug testing and screening? How do I bill Worker’s Compensation Insurance? Will my insurance pay for a Sports Physical? Why can’t I use my insurance to pay for meds I receive during my visit? How much do labs cost?

How much do vaccines cost? How can I pay for my visit? Why do I have a refund on my card from ZoomCare? How do I update my credit card information? Ugh, I’m in collections. Now what? Why did a get a bill from LabCorp? Why did I get an email saying my credit card was going to be charged?

Where can I find my past invoices? When will I get my refund if I had to pay in full? Why did I get a bill in the mail? Do you take my health insurance? How do I pay for my care? My billing address changed. How do I update my payment information?

How can I pay an outstanding bill? Who do I talk to if I have a question about my bill? Does ZoomCare accept partial payments?

How can I change my preferred payment method? Why did you charge a different card on my account? Why did my payment fail? Why do you charge my card automatically when my bill is adjusted? How can I get a full statement for my visit? I was overcharged. How can I get a refund? The test strip will have a control line, and if a second line appears also known as a test line , no matter how faint, it should be read as a positive result. Swirl the swab around each nostril to collect your sample and then swirl it in the solution-filled tube.

The app is nice because it also tracks your testing history and offers the ability to share your results with other people. Close the vile and push it down into the unit until you hear it click. If you ordered the free at-home Covid tests through the federal government, you may have received the iHealth Covid Antigen Rapid Test.

It works similarly to most others on this list. After you take the test, it will process for about 15 minutes before the result pops up on your phone through the app. After the minute has passed, remove the swab and place the dropper top on top of the tube. Your result will show up within 15 minutes, and if you see a test line of any kind, no matter how dark, the test is positive. If two lines appear, regardless of how dark the test line is, you are positive for Covid


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All reviews For example, some jurisdictions may accept a negative COVID rapid antigen test result while others require a negative result from a PCR test that is sent to a reference laboratory for testing. Main Menu. Average rating – 2.


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To ensure you receive the highest quality care, MedExpress provides **COVID rapid testing results are typically delivered during the patient’s visit. Fast, easy COVID testing, now available at a ZOOM+Care testing site near you. We’ll contact you within business days with your results. My son got a zoomcare test at 9am Sunday (6/28) and we still do not have results. At the time of the test they said it should be days.

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